Our Approach

Our organization prides itself of teaching and supporting North Carolina lacrosse players from the U11 age group through high school graduating seniors. As you may have seen on our home page or by scrolling through our menu we offer multiple ways for North Carolina lacrosse players to participate in our program. We run select travel teams who compete in tournaments both regionally and nationally as well as recreational play leagues and camps for the less competitive player. For simplicities sake we divide our organization into two groups Youth Lacrosse which is intended for all players in elementary or middle school grades and High School which is for our older players who are looking to prepare for potential collegiate recruitments. Below you will find more about each division.

Youth Lacrosse:

Our youth travel lacrosse teams focus heavily on developing proper fundamentals and lacrosse IQ. Our coaches spend large portions of our practices working on teaching individual skills before moving on to team concepts. Each season we want to build on the concepts we’ve taught in previous season in order to continue to develop our teams to be successful for the next level. With our youth teams we typically schedule only local and regional tournaments as we want our players to focus on enjoying the sport without adding the strain of excess travel to our families. On top of our tournaments and practices members of our team are automatically enrolled in our pickup play league which allows them an extra night of play each week.

High School Lacrosse

The goal of our High School Program is to help our players reach the next level, whether that mean playing in college or bringing their game to the elite level of High School lacrosse. During the summer seasons before a player’s freshman and sophomore years we participate in regional tournaments in preparation for elite levels of college exposure. Similarly, during the summer seasons before a player’s Junior and Senior years we prepare our teams to compete in national level tournaments where those players will maximize the amount of collegiate exposure they receive and will also compete against some of the best teams in the country.

Recreational Lacrosse

While we always are willing to help players reach the next level and compete in college we also aim to provide fun and affordable ways for our members of our organization to improve. Our recreational play leagues and skill sessions set us apart from our competition as we offer ways for our players to improve without the added pressure of college recruitments. Typically, we run at least one play league for both the high school and youth levels of lacrosse during the fall, summer and winter seasons.


During a player’s high school years, specifically as juniors and seniors, we work intensively with those players who indicate they are interested in playing collegiate lacrosse to identify potential collegiate fits based on both athletic potential and academic fits. Linked in the same tab there is more extensive recruiting information about the recruiting calendar and best practices. Our coaches and program directors are always willing to work with players to find a college where they can play. To this point our program has had over 100 players go on to play collegiate level either at the varsity or club level, including 18 at the Division 1 level!