Fall Position Training

Does your lacrosse player want to learn how to become a more effective player at their position? Sign up now for our four week position based skill training for the fall season! Our fall position training pairs small groups of no more than 25 lacrosse players with former college players and coaches who will walk them through the specific position based trainings that they do. Groups will be defined as advanced (high level Junior Varsity or Varsity caliber players) or intermediate/beginner (lower level Junior Varsity and Middle School) to maximize our training experience. With so many programs needing to work on team concepts in practice we find that setting aside specific time to do advanced skill work is one of the best ways for players to continue to improve during the offseason.

Position training is open to all players, not just those who play on our Hilltopper Travel Teams. Each practice will take place for an hour and a half on either Monday or Friday night. Our goal for each practice is to send players home with a list of drills that they can do on their own during the week before returning to our skill development program. Groups that will take place for an hour and a half on Monday nights at the Orange County Sports Plex in Hillsborough, North Carolina, will include, Advanced Midfielders, Beginner/Intermediate Midfielders, Goalies, and Face-off Specialists.

These drills will build from one week to the next and allow our players to continue to grow and develop. The price of these practices is $200. Participating in our trainings does have any bearing on where a player will play during the fall on a travel team. Also, please note that face-off guys who would like to participate in both the faceoff training and midfield training can do so by signing up for just the midfield training, just indicate to us that you’d like to do both via email.

To Register for our Fall Position Training Please Click Here: 

Our Fall Training Schedule Includes:

Mondays 9/14- 10/5

5:00-6:30pm    Group one: Advanced Midfield.       Group two: Intermediate/Begginer Midfield

6:30-8:00pm.   Group one: Goalies.                             Group two: Face-Off Specialists

Fridays 9/18- 10-9

5:00-6:30pm.   Group one: Intermediate/Beginner Attack      Group two: Intermediate/Advanced Defenders

6:30-7:00pm.   Group one: Advanced Attack            Group two: Advanced Defenders