High School 7v7 Winter Play League

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The winter season is now upon us and like with every year it is time for the Hilltopper Winter play league. This winter our organization is excited to host a slightly different winter league than in years past. Due to COVID-19 regulations and field constraints this year’s league will be a 7v7 league at Homestead Park in Chapel Hill. Our league will consist of 6 nights of play and is geared towards getting a maximum number of touches for players before the start of the High School, NCHSAA Season in January.

How will games work?

Each team will consist of a maximum of 20 players with long poles being allowed. All teams will be assigned a Hilltopper coach who will manage playing time and make sure each player gets on the field.  Teams will be assigned based on a player draft done by coaches in order to try and create the most competitive teams possible. Each team will consist of 12 short stick players, 6 defenders and 2 goalies. While we will try to keep players from similar schools on the same team, we don’t plan to make this league purely high school vs high school play. However, if you would like to request playing with a certain player we can try to accommodate this request.

Why play 7v7 Lacrosse?

7v7 Lacrosse is a great way to increase the number of touches that each player has with the ball. Instead of playing full field games, 7v7 reduces the amount of “dead time” where teams are subbing or clearing the ball up the field. Overall, this is a high paced way to prepare for the spring season.

Where will games take place?

Games will take place at Homestead Park, in Chapel Hill, NC on the outfield of Baseball field 1.

When will games be held?

Game times will be between 5:30pm and 8:30pm on Monday nights from November 30th through January 4th.  Games will consist of four, twelve minute running quarters.

How much does the league cost?

For non members of the Hilltopper Fall Teams the cost is $150. Players who participated in the fall select season will receive a discount registration code.

How do I register?

In order to sign up for our Fall 7v7 Winter League please use the below link:


What COVID precautions are in place? 

Please note that we take COVID-19 and all other transmittable diseases very seriously. We ask that everyone pay close attention to our COVID-19 Guidelines, which you must acknowledge in order to play. All players, coaches and any parents must practice social distancing and mask wearing unless they are playing. All players will be screened upon arrival to the fields and will be sent home if they show any signs of possible sickness. The Hilltopper Staff reserves the right to deny anyone entry to our winter league games for any reasons whatsoever.