Fall 2020

The 2020 Fall Hilltopper Lacrosse Season will consists of three parts, a recreational box lacrosse league, a position based skill development series and select travel lacrosse. The fall is set up to allow families to pick and chose what type of lacrosse experience they prefer. While we are still in the middle of the Covid-19 Pandemic our three distinct fall lacrosse opportunities allow for elite training, college recruiting exposure for high school seniors/juniors, and a maximum opportunities for our players to play. Please see our attached linked pages to learn more about each of our three fall lacrosse opportunities:

Fall Recreational Box

Position Based Training

Travel Lacrosse Opportunities:

Program Covid Policies: 

Please note, our organization takes the Covid-19 Pandemic seriously and has installed a series of procedures that we follow at each tournament and practice. These procedures are frequently changing with state and federal guidelines but currently our policies include:

Players being screened for symptoms with their temperature taken before practice. No player should show up to practice if they have any Covid symptoms or if they have recently been sick.

Social distancing of gear bags when players enter the training facility, this also includes players bringing their own water bottle.

Both players and coaches are required to wear a mask at practice whenever they are not wearing a helmet or blowing a whistle.

Parents are asked to refrain from congregating outside of their cars to watch practice.

Although lacrosse is a contact sport we also aim to limit excessive contact as much as possible during our practices. Players are discouraged from standing side by side while waiting in line for drills.

Players and families are also encouraged to purchase a cascade helmet face shield which blocks fluid, spit or other fluids from being projected out of the face mask.